Sunday, June 22, 2008

swimming fun

We have started our pool adventures this summer!  Hannah Grace loves the water... always has. Caleb likes it, but only if the temperature suits him.  He splashed around a little bit the first time we put him in the big pool.  That happened last Thursday... thanks, Mr. Kevin!

Of course, this is Caleb's idea of a good time at the pool, too...

Daddy is obsessed with making Bubba's hair into a mohawk... so here ya' go, Dad.

Here's what you get when Hannah does NOT want to smile for another picture... pitiful, isn't it?

Visit to NLR

We went to NLR last weekend for Father's Day, and so that I could go to a shower for James' cousin and his fiance.  We had a good time... Uncle Chad brought his new puppy down, and he enjoyed Caleb's exersaucer!

Here's Hannah seriously contemplating something on the back deck... she had so much fine playing with the water table on MeMaw and PePaw's back deck and going down the slip-n-slide. She is an outdoors-girl!
I just couldn't pass up the chance to post this one... everyone says he's a momma's boy, but I just don't understand...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random Thoughts

Just a few things I was thinking about this morning...
You take it for granted how your child cannot open the refrigerator and get in anytime she wants... well, now she can!  It was bad enough when she quickly figured out how to get around the child lock on the pantry... now we're totally done for.

Last night as we were attempting to get ready for bed, Hannah wanted to wear these pink polka-dot pajama shorts.  I couldn't convince her that the top that came with the shorts was the correct one- it doesn't have polka-dots, so in her mind, it doesn't match. We finally negotiated on wearing a mickey/minnie t-shirt.  Nana said, "Look, it's pink so it'll match just fine."  As Hannah walked away, she said... "If you say so" like she really didn't believe it.  Nana and I just died laughing...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

He can sit up!!!

Caleb is such a big boy now... he can totally sit up on his own for pretty long periods at a time.  He sat on a blanket in our room and played with toys today- he only toppled once!  I had to take a pic of his legs and tummy- I just love him and his rolls!

Dress-up Time!

Hannah's new favorite past-time is getting into her dress-up trunk.  She is normally either a princess or a ballerina.  As you can see, Daddy had to keep up the Crumby tradition of getting into the background of the picture.  When Hannah is in ballerina mode, she and I put on a performance in the hallway.  I'm glad no one else is there to witness my ballet "dancing"... she is so fun!  When she's in princess mode, she calls me "Queen" the whole time, and I call her "Princess".  She never ever forgets!  Her imagination is amazing...

Cutie Caleb

I just decided to put a few pics up of my handsome little man.  God is so good to us- every time I think about him, the scripture comes to mind... to paraphrase, "This is the child for          whom I have prayed".

1st Day of "School"

Hannah is going to a mother's day out program 2 days a week... her first day was last Monday, the 2nd.  She was very excited, and she was ready for "big-girl school".  I think her favorite part is getting to take her lunchbox!  Her teacher said that she is a joy and that she loves to learn.  Oh, how time flies...