Thursday, April 23, 2009

Night-night prayer

Tonight as I tucked Hannah in, I asked her if she wanted to pray first or if she wanted me to (I usually get to go first). She wanted to pray first this time- she said "Dear God, thank you for being in my heart". I just thought that was the sweetest thing ever- children are amazing sometimes through their simplicity.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

For the Bible tells me so....

So, I've been reading a wonderful book that my sweet friend Ashley recommended called Don't Make Me Count to 3 (Ginger Plowman). My husband and mom make fun of me for always reading some new parenting book, trying whatever it says for a few days, and then abandoning it. However, I think this one's going to stick! The basic idea of the book is that you have to discipline by reaching (and changing) your child's heart instead of just getting him/her to obey at that moment. Of course, the best way to do this is by using scripture to show the error of their ways and bringing them to repentance... sound familiar? It compares our responsibility to discipline our children with God's holy righteousness- He loves us too much to let us continue unrepentant in our sins. This really hit home with me since Hannah does have a pretty strong will- I can sometimes talk her into doing things, or reason, or beg :), but I know this is not effective in the long run.

So, I've been really talking to her about different scripture (mostly "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right", "Honor your mother and father", and "Be ye kind one to another"). Tonight at dinner, we were talking about how she would need to take her medicine (just had a bout with strep throat). She informed us that she would take it b/c "You should take your medicine- it says that in the Bible". While that was definitely a funny moment, it let me know that at least she's getting the idea that we do things because we are commanded by God... not because we've been threatened, bribed, etc. Hopefully we can continue this journey with God's help and wisdom!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter, part 3

Yes, that's Nana you see trying to get out of the picture.... Hannah would only cooperate if she could take pictures with Nana. I'm not sure why I look so tired/drugged...
I can't get over how handsome little boys are- I'm sure you can guess that Daddy picked out this Easter outfit... with tie and everything. If we could've gotten our two children in a picture together, you would've seen that her dress coordinated with his shirt/sweater vest. I guess we're going to have to go pay someone to get a good Easter pic of the two of them....
Attempt one at a family picture...
Attempt 2...
so we gave up and just tried Daddy and Caleb.

Easter, part 2

We had our own Easter egg hunt in our front yard (twice, actually). Hannah Grace decided to do some modeling for Daddy.
Bless his heart- Caleb is just happy to be alive when he is able to be outside. He doesn't want anyone to hold his hand... or actually even stay too close. He is definitely displaying an independent streak!
Hannah did a great job dying eggs- she was a great listener! She decided that the eggs needed to be a "liiiiiittttle darker"- she liked to make them bright colored.

Easter morning- I told her the Easter Bunny brings more now than he did when I was a little girl. He must not know we're in a recession... :)

Easter, part 1

After a minute or two, Caleb got into the spirit of things at our church's Easter eggstravaganza. He picked up several eggs and put them in his bucket... then he discovered that the eggs had things inside!
We finally had egg-hunting success this year! The last two years, Hannah stood there and cried when the whistle blew and all the kids ran out. She was a little hesitant at first, but Nana and Memaw encouraged her to get started! Here are the fruits (eggs) of her labor...
Hannah tentatively touched a few of the animals... Caleb couldn't wait to get in the pen and touch this piglet! I was afraid he would go for the food dish- he loves to eat our dogs' food, so I thought he might want to sample a different flavor. Thankfully, he was interested in the cute little pigs! Hannah kept saying, "Those look like bed hogs!"... that's what Nana calls her when she spends the night upstairs.
Showing off the rabbit on her cheek...
Caleb absolutely loved this inflatable slide... we went down 3 times in a row. When we finished, we would get back in line and he threw a fit the whole time wanting to get on right then and there... there was just this little thing called a line complicating things! I'm sure it was quite a sight watching me hoist him and myself up the side. I carried him with my right arm while pulling us up by hanging onto the rope with my left arm. After the 3rd time, Mom was huffing and puffing for sure...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Potty-training, anyone?

I just have to say, I never dreamed I would still be fighting the "accident" battle this often with a 4-year old... anyone have any great words of wisdom?

(Disclaimer: This post comes after she stood in the store and peed in her pants, all over their carpet, without ever saying a word to me about needing to go.)