Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gentry Safari

We went to the safari today... we went when I was pregnant with Caleb, and this was our 2nd time back. It was interesting, to say the least...
As some of you may know, James is scared of all birds.... and I have a particular aversion to Emu's... so we were both leaning waaaaaay back when our friend (James' nemesis) came to see us. Hannah wasn't much of a fan, either... unless they were far away. Then, she would say "Hi, Mr. Bird". In Hannah-speak, this is called an "oskrich".
Caleb was not at all afraid of the kangaroos... I actually missed seeing this b/c I was sitting on a log with Hannah, who was busy throwing a fit.
Wow... it's amazing how much they look alike...
Hannah was making her "lion face".

Pizza time!

Hannah and I tried out our pizza-making skills... she likes to help cook, unless it involves getting her hands dirty. :) What can I say... she takes after Daddy. She was proud of her pizza, and it actually tasted good!

Sissy and Bubba

We actually caught them being sweet... in the "cuddle chair" watching a cartoon

Trying on fun glasses...

Jumpzone Visit

We took our first trip to Jumpzone in Bentonville a few weeks ago... I had heard great things about it but had never been brave enough to go! :) We went on a Sat. evening so Daddy could go with us, and we had a great time! Mommy will be sure and remember not to put her elbow down as she slides next time... ouch.

Caleb's first trip down the dumptruck slide- he made the worst face, but he immediately wanted to do it again.

Sissy wasn't scared at all- she just got on everything like she owned the place! This is a drastic difference from what would have happened last summer... she's growing up so fast and becoming so brave.