Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break- Family Time

Mammaw, Dad, Ethan, Ashley, and Claudia (my two were sleeping hard in the car a few feet away)
Hannah and her cousin Ethan riding the cow at the museum...
Strolling along the River Market with Poppa Ed
Hangin out with Poppa Ed at Aunt Carla's house
Hannah LOVED jumping on Aunt Carla's trampoline... the same one that Mom used to jump on when she was a little girl.

Spring Break- LR Zoo and Museum of Discovery

We visited the museum in LR- Hannah had a great time! They have the neatest stuff there- mostly, she liked to punch the buttons on everything.
Future hygienist?
She loved the "spinning tornado", as she called it... she kept experimenting by blowing on it, waving her hand through it, etc. She is her mother's daughter!
Here we are at the zoo... here's what happens when you pay $10 to rent a wagon for a certain 4 year old... (walking between Poppa Ed and Aunt Carla)
Striking a pose...
We thought this monkey was hilarious!
She told us later that the zebras were her favorite... she also enjoyed the train ride. We will definitely have to go back another time- Caleb was running fever, so he missed this outing.

Our new game...

Caleb kept wanting to climb in the laundry basket, so I took him for a ride. Of course, Miss Hannah had to join in... wow- they are actually having fun together! :)
Being silly....

sticking our tongues out!

Library/Park Visit

One of our favorite "nice weather" activities is visiting the Springdale library. Hannah loves to feed the ducks and geese... Daddy tries to be brave around all those big birds!

Little man loves to be outside... just like Sissy.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Super Man!

Here's our little super man... you can't really tell in this pic, but these jammies emphasize his super "gut"! He acted really silly after Daddy got him ready for bed... he was dancing around... showing off some of his steppin'!

Shortly after this, Hannah was brushing her teeth- she looks in the bathroom mirror and says (quite matter-of-factly), "My hair looks pretty good"... what a character.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Funny sayings...

So, last night Hannah and I were drawing... she wanted me to draw a sad face. I did, and she looked at the face and said "Well, bless your heart!"... of course, in her sweet Southern drawl it sounded too cute.

Tonight, we went out to eat. I forgot what I said or did, but she told me that "I can always count on you". I just don't know where she comes up with this stuff...

Caleb has started trying to hit us when he gets mad, and he bit my shoulder (hard!) today when I was trying to keep him on my laugh... feels like the fun times are starting!

Monday, March 2, 2009

bath time

Caleb- You are such a happy little thing...

I tried to capture those little dimples in his hands.... I will be so sad when those disappear! How time flies...
This is what you look like when I take something away that you want!
Here you are playing, "Where's Caleb?".

Bike riding-101

Daddy, giving some last minute instructions....
That looks like a happy face!
Hannah got a "big-girl" bike for her birthday. She was very excited to try it out....she did pretty good, except for the whole the-brakes-go-on-when-you-push-your-feet-back thing... but she'll get the hang of it!