Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break- LR Zoo and Museum of Discovery

We visited the museum in LR- Hannah had a great time! They have the neatest stuff there- mostly, she liked to punch the buttons on everything.
Future hygienist?
She loved the "spinning tornado", as she called it... she kept experimenting by blowing on it, waving her hand through it, etc. She is her mother's daughter!
Here we are at the zoo... here's what happens when you pay $10 to rent a wagon for a certain 4 year old... (walking between Poppa Ed and Aunt Carla)
Striking a pose...
We thought this monkey was hilarious!
She told us later that the zebras were her favorite... she also enjoyed the train ride. We will definitely have to go back another time- Caleb was running fever, so he missed this outing.

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