Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh my...

Has it really been that long since I posted? I am pretty much a blog failure here lately... and this post is for my friend LW who is tired of seeing my bucket garden :)

Caleb is growing so fast... he will be 3 in less than 2 weeks. Here are some new things from him (among the many new things):
-He says "How bout go outside?" or "How bout we build blocks?"... quite the little negotiator, just like his Sissy was.
-He will sometimes add "or something"... like, lets play puzzles or something
-He has a knack for picking up on songs off the "California Girls"
-He runs out from the bathroom after his bath to show whoever is around that he has a naked booty.
-He is quite the little politician at church- he says hi and bye to everyone and gives out hugs left and right to people he doesn't even know.
-He says "You're my baaaaaaby"... wonder who tells him that? :)
-He loves to chase our dog Molly around and scare her... poor Molly
-He still loves to read... I will find him in his room with books spread out all around him. He can "read" several books that he's memorized.
-He loves going to "school" (Mother's Day Out)... he only goes on Mondays, but he literally says every day that he wants to go to school.
-He also loves Puggles (his little Wed. night class at church)... if it's not school he wants to go to, it's church. He will tell us what all God made... flowers, birds, trees... and me!

Such a sweet boy.... I will try and catch up eventually with actual pictures.