Saturday, February 28, 2009

4th Birthday Fun!

We celebrated Hannah's birthday with a princess party. Here's a brief run-down.... girls arrived dressed in princess attire, our special helpers helped with make-up and hair, we made jewelry boxes, ate special princess snacks (Mulan's melon salad, Pocahontas' popcorn, Snow White's apples, etc), and played Princess and the Pea. It was a lot of fun... the birthday girl herself just wanted to play in her room. She also did not appreciate everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to her- but I can understand that. That is kind of an awkward moment even for adults! I think she was just overwhelmed by it all.... I told everyone that next year I am just going to tell everyone to show up at Chuck E. Cheese and throw out some plates and pizza! :)

Caleb kept trying to put a tiara on his head, so we finally put one on for him...

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