Sunday, November 8, 2009

Video of Hannah

Here's a little video I took earlier today to show just how far Miss Hannah has come in a week...


Jules said...

Way to go Hannah! You are getting so strong! Keep it up! Loved to see the video of you, finally "SEE" the girl I am praying so hard for!
One Day at a Time..

Rebekah said...

Good job Hannah!!! You are a blessing from God. We love you all and are continually praying.

Megan said...

Oh Kim, Praise the Lord! Hannah looks wonderful. We are so, so thankful for her continued improvement. Thanks for sharing the video. Still praying...

About Us said...

Thanks so much for posting the video Kim! We are so happy to see Hannah's improvement, so amazing! Please give her our love. We can't wait until she gets to come home!

Love you guys!

Brycen said...

yea for Hannah!!! We are so glad to see the progress. Thanks for sharing. We will continue to pray
Christy Norwood

Janet said...

WooHoo! I came over to your website for the first time since I usually am just a follower on CB. I just had to see Hannah Grace moving. She is looking stronger and definitely understood what you were saying. What a blessing from God.
Thanks for sharing this with us. Still continuing to pray daily.

God Bless,

COLE'S Prayer Team

jandcwed said...

OH Kimberly!!! How incredible to see her moving around so much!!! Praising God with you for how far she's come! Can't wait to see what all God is going to do with her! Praying for you all!


The Whine Country said...

Praise God for itchy eyes, nodding heads and precious little hands that can scratch all on their own!

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

thanks for posting the video! She is doing great... a very tanglible example of what God has been doing. We are praying for Miss Hannah daily!

The Keylors said...

Yea Hannah! Keep it up! Love you all!...still praying.

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