Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New things...

Well, I'm many months behind, but in the spirit of trying, here are some things Mr. Caleb has been doing lately:
*Says "ready to roll" when we are about to go somewhere
*Says "we go bye bye"
*Very consistently says "thank you"... working on "please"
*Experiments with using different voices to say things (high squeak, low voice, etc)
*Loves to give hugs, will consent to letting us kiss his head :)
*Knows many animal sounds, knows body parts, can say numbers 1-10, and knows several colors.

Little man is our special guy!


Just Jiff said...

I love the different voices. :)

GREAT Aunt Susan said...

Nette Nette and I laughed and laughed at him and all the voices he used. He is like a sponge and repeats all he hears. If he learned anything bad, it WASN'T me.
I miss seeing him. He is quite entertaining.
GREAT Aunt Susan

NetteNette said...

I especially like the high voice sounds he makes. His daddy likes them, too, I just know he does! I miss him a LOT, too. He is so sweet and so smart....and, well, like GREAT Aunt Susan said: don't forget entertaining, too!!

GREAT Aunt Susan said...

Thanks for sharing Caleb's Christmas on here. I love reading about the things he does.
GREAT Aunt Susan (again)