Saturday, February 6, 2010

Caleb and "the haircut"

This is just a random cute picture I threw in...

So, Ms. Amy took Caleb to our normal place to get his hair cut Tuesday, but things didn't go so well. His hair ended up really short on the sides and back and longer on the top with patches in it. So, after hours of consideration at home that evening, we decided to just let Dad go to work with the clippers ("we" meaning mostly Mom- I was slow to relent). He ended up looking really cute, but I just can't stand how much of a "big boy" he looks like now!

A few new things:
*He is putting lots of words together, such as: "Wanna play?", "Wanna hug?", "Sit down with me", "Molly, hush", etc.
*He now gives hugs sometimes on his own- without us having to beg for them :)
*He can now actually count objects with one-to-one correspondence up to 10
*He's learned more colors, like purple, orange, black, etc.

He is such a good, sweet boy... our big problem with him is that he wants to stand up/jump up and down in the booth when we go out to eat. If that's the biggest problem we have, we'll take it!


The Keylors said...

He does look so grown up! He is so adorable!

Chad & Bettina Crumby said...

just looks more like uncle chad now. LOL