Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Great Summer Rewind

1st soccer game ever.... he had fun (not playing soccer, but pretending to shoot the other kids and blocking out with his forearms :)

Nana and I took Caleb on a trip to War Eagle Caverns.... at which point we discovered that he freaks out at the thought of going in a cave. So, Nana took Caleb to play in the dirt and rocks while I went on the cave tour. I had a great time! :)

Caleb and Daddy enjoying one of our many trips to the pool

Trying his hand at milking a cow at Lowell Mudtown Days

1st movie at the theatre... of course, we had to see Cars 2! He did pretty good until about halfway through... then he got restless and started throwing popcorn on the people in front of us. Oh, and towards the end I noticed my lap felt wet... his pull-up leaked and he left with a wet bottom and I left with a wet lap. Just part of motherhood, right?!?

We got to take Poppa Ed and Ashley on one of our Silver Dollar City trips. We had a great time... we were blessed with unseasonably cooler weather (meaning, it was 90 instead of 105).

Riding the tractor at Aunt Carla and Uncle Roger's house

My 1st fishing trip!

What a face.... that bowling ball must have been heeeeaaavvvvy. This was Caleb's first time to bowl... he loved it. We have gone back a few times since.

So sad to have to do computer work while on vacation in Branson... the work is never done. :)

Getting up close and personal with some cows at the Washington County Fair (thanks Mr. Brett for taking him close... cuz Mom and Dad sure weren't going to)

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