Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wedding weekend

We had a busy weekend of wedding fun! Hannah was a flower girl in James' cousin Michael's wedding. Her cousins were also flower girls. She did a great job at the rehearsal (Mom missed it due to the horrific stomach virus we have going around in this house). I was a little worried about her actually making it down the aisle during the "real" wedding. Those of you who are well acquainted with her know that she can be shy and doesn't like everyone looking at her. But, she did a fabulous job! She walked down the aisle just fine... however, she would not return  back down the aisle when it was over, but I thought, hey- she did the important one! Then, she had a blast on the dance floor at the reception for (I'm not kidding) a solid 2 hours. Of course, Dad said that she inherited her dancing skills from her Mama... and he did not mean that as a compliment. Hannah and Daddy danced together for a song... he picked her up and held her little arm out, and she looked so happy. Of course, I had to tear up a little- I didn't know motherhood made you so darn sappy! All in all- a great weekend...

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